Technical Expertise

To stay competitive – businesses need a technology team who focus their expertise on aligning technology with business goals.

Running a business is more complex than ever, and with the changes in technology that seem to come on a daily basis, how can you possibly keep up, much less get ahead of the curve to keep your business competitive? If you feel as though you are working for your technology instead of the other way around, then it’s time to consider managed IT services from PC Tech Support.

Areas of Expertise

With over 20 years of combined IT experience, we have learned that working as a team with a true focus on a common end goal is much more beneficial than working separately without one.

Simply answering the phone and being an expert at fixing IT issues like many other IT companies is actually not very beneficial to a business in helping it grow.  Instead for each one of our clients, we view ourselves as part of their team and channel our expertise on working hard to prevent issues arising in the first place and ensuring their technology is better aligned to meet the requirements of the business and its staff (i.e. the common end goal).  Many IT companies spend their time advising you to get the latest and greatest server or firewall without discussing how it aligns with the overall business strategy, or what the impacts are for the business if they do or don’t purchase one. If the business strategy is to move to the cloud – is a new server really necessary?

We don’t claim to be experts in all areas of technology and so we partner with a number of business focused technology vendors to help ensure our clients have the necessary technology expertise at hand when needed, to help drive the business forward.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services is our bread and butter so we have built a defined process and a framework that helps us ensure no matter what technician is working on your business that they are working with your end goal in mind.

Backup, Disaster Recovery and Continuity

If your main server fails today, do you have a plan? Does your IT team know what to do to get you back up and running quickly? How much work and time can your business afford to lose? So many business and IT companies neglect to ensure that they have a proper backup system and more importantly a tried and tested recovery plan. A disaster can be as simple as a virus encrypting all the files on your servers leaving them inaccessible. Restores can be slow. Do you know how long it will take to restore all your files if required? Over the years, we have gained the expertise and knowledge to put a plan in place to ensure our clients’ business stays operational when such disasters occur.

IT & Cyber Security

Due to the escalation in cyber security threats worldwide – we are constantly researching the latest threats and the latest prevention mechanisms. As part of our Managed IT Services offering, our clients now enjoy the benefit of having many of these new prevention measures introduced to their environment so we can help to ensure their business remains operational and ahead of the competition. No method is bullet proof however – all business will be hit at some stage by some type of cyber threat so having a proper backup and recovery plan is crucial.

Skilled Team

When you choose PC Tech Support as an IT partner, you have the confidence of knowing that you’re getting a team with a deep level of knowledge and experience but more importantly a technology team that has your business at the forefront of their mind. Are you ready to have an IT team dedicated to making your technology work for your business? If so get in touch today.