Microsoft Office 365

One of our most comprehensive IT service add-on’s includes installation and maintenance of Microsoft Office 365’s business class email and productivity suite.

As a certified Microsoft partner, we’ll handle every aspect of your comprehensive, step-by-step installation to get your team set up and up to speed quickly. We’ll also help manage the administrative centre to register new team members, tweak permissions, and monitor activity. We’ll give you the tools you need to troubleshoot small issues on your own and stand beside you to resolve larger issues if they arrive. As part of our consistent monitoring and reporting, we’ll also provide a deep overview of these tools performance to ensure everything is up to date and running smoothly.

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Cloud Hosted Collaboration Tools

Microsoft Office 365’s cloud-based email frees you from clunky software, such as Outlook and other mail providers so your team can access their securely encrypted email anywhere, from any device. The entire Office 365 suite integrates seamlessly together, so your team will also enjoy access to their favorite tools, such as Microsoft Exchange, Skype for Business, SharePoint file sharing drive, and even Microsoft Office web apps. Because all these tools are hosted on the cloud, connecting, sharing, collaborating, and exchanging information has never been easier or more secure.

Business Class Email

We’ll help you choose and set up business-grade email addresses for each of your team members that include consistent taxonomy, customised branded email address, and internal and external collaterals, such as email signatures, headers, and more. Your email will also sync with calendar invites and shared calendars so you never miss an opportunity or appointment. Microsoft Office 365 will take your business to the next level by adding a layer of security you can’t get from POP email providers while building your brand recognition and presentation.

File Sharing

As an added bonus, each user will also get 1 TB of total storage, which includes 15 GB within SharePoint. That means you can edit, send, share, and access all your video files, documents, photos, CAD designs, records, and metrics even when you’re meeting with a client offsite or traveling for business. Microsoft Office 365’s highly secure file storage includes real-time syncing to make collaboration intuitive and easy.