Marketing 101: This Creative Shortcut Will Help You Win New Business


One of the most challenging parts of owning your own business is having to continually prove yourself as an expert in your field to each new client. No matter how many times it happens, having someone look at you skeptically as you introduce your products or services can be a blow — not to mention a time drain that could better be spent digging into the needs of your prospect and how you can help solve them. Fortunately, there’s a quick productivity hack that will not only grow your business, but it will ensure that your clients already view you as an expert in your field . . . before you ever meet.

Personal Marketing is Key to Sales

Regardless of which line of business you’re in, you know that building relationships is the key to getting things done. Whether that means working hard to maintain good relationships with your vendors or finding ways to help clients be more successful, this personal marketing is a required part of any growing business. When you are the business owner, this can mean that you spend a significant portion of your time speaking to people and learning the landscape of their business before you are able to promote your own needs. Anytime you’re able to produce content online that educates others, you are one step closer to building that personal relationship before the first time you speak with your prospects.

Don’t I Know You?

You don’t go into a sales call with a bland, boring persona that lacks personal details, so why should your marketing be blah? You have to find ways to incorporate your unique flashes of brilliance into your online marketing, which will help people feel as though you are old friends before the conversation starts. Don’t be afraid to discuss your business challenges or share personal tidbits that might be of interest as part of videos. While prospects are always doing some form of research online, finding someone who engages their interest and feels personable and relatable means prospects are much more likely to turn into customers in the future.

Creating an ongoing library of searchable content helps to present you as an expert in your particular field, a crucial differentiation when there’s a crowded marketplace full of competitors waiting to steal your thunder. These educational pieces are often the first introduction between yourself and your customer and allow you to start the conversation on a positive note. Your prospects will appreciate that you were generous with your time in creating the content and you’re honing your presentation skills and messaging at each turn: win, win!

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