IT & Cyber Security

Your business and client data is one of your most valuable assets, which is why we take your cyber security very seriously.

To protect your business from attacks of all degrees – from email phishing to hackers – we establish a variety of cyber security checkpoints as part of every solution within our managed IT support program.

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As part of the Modern Office: Professional IT Support Package we protect all critical data entry and exit paths so you have peace of mind when sharing and working with your business information. The Modern Office package includes:

Antivirus and Web Security

Our team will lead the selection, installation, and monitoring of industry-leading antivirus and malware protection to avoid breaches as a result of malicious downloads or software. We can also help you set up granular networking permissions to limit your team’s exposure to accidental downloads or targeting.

Business Firewall

We implement a secure business firewall for all our clients to help secure their office networks from external threats such as hackers trying to disrupt business communications or access key company information. A business firewall allows us to be able to place restrictions on the Internet traffic flow allowed in and out of the corporate network. In addition, we typically configure the firewall to segregate their internal office network to ensure that only the relevant authorised staff have access to the wired network. WiFi access is also typically locked down to ensure guests are restricted from accessing the internal network over the WiFi.

Secure WiFi Connectivity

To prevent other computers from breaching your firewall or accessing your internal network, we’ll set up an encrypted WiFi connection so you can work with confidence. If needed, we can also establish secure, mobile access options for employees working remotely, such as VPN software and virtual desktop access.

User Access

We’ll help you review & set up appropriate business approved user access and file privileges to your critical data while eliminating confusing or restrictive mapped drives within your network that can leave your business data open to attack from the latest threats. Having the appropriate privacy settings allows you to limit the risk of infection from malware or ransomware, as well as keeping certain sensitive information private within your own network.

End User Security

We’ll also help implement a number of additional end user security mechanisms to increase the overall security of the end user technology estate. We aim to ensure that all user passwords to access your office network and key business applications are complex, the required length and are changed on a regular basis and that multi factor authentication is required where necessary.
We also make sure your desktop and laptops operating systems and third party applications are regularly patched against the latest vulnerabilities.

In addition, we are constantly researching the latest security threats that are emerging and the recommended best defence mechanisms in the industry to protect against them. We then test and where possible implement these additional security measures to protect your business, your data and your staff from these cyber threats.

Email Security

For businesses that need an extra layer of email security, we can put in place additional email security solutions to reduce risk and increase peace of mind. From more robust spam filtering solutions to encrypted email solutions to data loss prevention solutions all of which can help provide an additional layer of security for your business. If your business still uses an antiquated email system, we will also migrate you to a more efficient and cost effective cloud based email system like Microsoft Office365. As a certified Microsoft partner, we will provide best-in-class support for encrypted emailing and file sharing through one of the most trusted business email providers available.

Security Awareness Training

As part of our standard Modern Office Professional IT Support package we roll-out a security awareness training program to all your staff to ensure they are aware of the very latest security threats that present themselves over email and through browsing the Internet. We not only train your staff how to spot, avoid and report them but we test them on occasion with imitation spam emails to keep them sharp. We are a big believer in creating a human firewall within the company. End users are the last layer of defence and we believe this needs to be the strongest defence mechanism it can be.

Breach Restoration and Backup

If the worst happens, our Modern Office Professional IT Support package also includes a backup & quick recovery solution that allows us to recover your I.T systems with little downtime to allow you and your staff to continue business operations while we resolve the issue, clean your system and restore your data/server in the background.