Cloud Services

There’s a reason cloud solutions have become one of the fastest growing, most highly sought after IT services on the market.

With cloud services, you can harness the power of the Internet to reduce your dependence on hardware and software. Our cloud solutions give you the freedom to work how and where you want, without the hassle and limitations of traditional technology. Our top services include: cloud backups, email, file storage, syncing and sharing, as well as cloud telephony.

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Cloud Backups
Secure your past, by investing in the future of backup technology. Never worry about where your backup drive is or where your data lives. With cloud-based backup technology, we’ll encrypt your files and store them remotely in the cloud. Choose from comprehensive management programs that backup all your files, including your online or remote email from popular systems, such as Office365 and Google Apps, to more streamlined solutions that only backup your most precious data and mission-critical files. We will tailor your cloud backup solution to include (or exclude) the exact files you need protected in the event of an emergency. we can backup and recover a virtual copy of your entire business so you could work from the cloud if necessary. You define the freedom you need.

Cloud Email
Forget clunky email servers, storage shortages, and onsite maintenance. With cloud email migration and storage, your entire team can access, catalogue, store, save, edit, and share their email anywhere with no limitations. Let your team connect how and when they work best while experiencing the power of true global networking as they access their email (and their customers) remotely on any device, smartphone, or tablet quickly and easily. Highly secure email encryption also ensures that even emails penned on the fly only get to their intended audience and their intended audience only so you can work on the go with confidence.

Cloud File Storage, Syncing, and Sharing
Redefine collaboration in and outside the office without the need of an extra VPN layer. Our secure cloud storage, syncing, and sharing solutions make your documents as accessible as they are secure. Authenticated users can send lighting fast files, collaborate with real-time syncing and sharing tools, and review documents from a variety of devices with the click of a button. With granular permission, syncing, and sharing options, team members will also have full (and fool-proof) control over their files at all times.

Cloud Telephony and Unified Communications
As the Internet becomes an increasingly important part of how we communicate, the need for telecommunication support is changing. Instead of paying for voice communication separately, our VOIP and Unified Communications services allow you to choose to connect over the Internet instead. Our internet communication systems can cut costs by up to 50 percent when you make the switch to the cloud, with the same reliability and connectivity you’d expect from the top telecom providers.