Business Continuity

PC Tech Support will serve as part of your organisation’s business continuity plan and risk mitigation strategy.

Disasters for a business can take many forms from accidental or intentional file deletions, ransomware/virus attacks, cyber-attacks, email system outages, internet outages, data breaches, server crashes, or natural disasters. Many businesses prefer not to think about or plan for the possibility of a disaster or outage – but as the old adage goes – failing to plan means planning to fail. PC Tech Support can help you plan and be prepared whatever the disaster. Alongside your other business continuity measures, such as short and long-term office locations, insurance etc., we offer a range of IT continuity , disaster recovery and data backup solutions to get your IT systems, network, communications and access to data reestablished as quickly as possible.

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We know that technology enables many aspects of your business and that time lost offline is an opportunity lost for your organisation. We’ll work closely with you to mitigate loss in your client communication, supply chain infrastructure, eCommerce, and daily operations. To ensure you can continue operations and avoid critical data loss in the event of a disaster or outage, we offer a number of industry-leading affordable backup, recovery and IT continuity solutions.

Gold Standard Protection with Datto

We are proud to announce our newest partnership with Datto, an award-winning recovery and backup provider that gives small businesses an enterprise scale I.T continuity solution at an affordable small business price. Datto has revolutionised the I.T continuity space. No longer do small businesses have to suffer costly periods of downtime while they wait for a server to be fixed or replaced or their data to be recovered after an incident.

PC Tech Support in partnership with Datto can provide your business with a cutting edge backup and disaster recovery unit that not only backups your business data locally, but at the same time can operate as a standby server in the event of an issue. Datto’s off-site data/server replication service that comes built in as standard also ensures your business, your data and your servers are fully protected no matter what the disaster. Should your business encounter a fire/flood and need to operate elsewhere, we can boot up your servers (in the cloud, from the Datto datacentre) ensuring you and your staff can continue to work from home or another location with Internet connectivity and allow you access to your critical data.

Small- and Medium-Sized Business Recovery Leader, StorageCraft

For local backups to a NAS and standard recovery, we rely on ShadowProtect from StorageCraft to protect your system and recover from disaster. Their highly recognised reputation for system migration and data recovery is suitable for businesses of all sizes and satisfies most recovery needs.

Email Backup & Continuity

Many businesses make the mistake of thinking their email isn’t part of their critical data, but you would lose so much if your email crashed without backup. And you might expect popular cloud email systems like Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps to back up user emails on their servers, but they unfortunately do not. While they may have a redundant infrastructure in place to ensure the email system does not go down due to hardware/software failures, critical emails deleted (accidentally or intentionally) by a member of your staff aren’t typically recoverable after a 1-2 month period.

PC Tech Support helps businesses all over Ireland protect their critical email data and keeps them compliant with data retention laws (e.g. the data protection act) by putting in place a robust email backup system so all emails sent or received by your business are backed up, kept indefinitely and are easily recoverable.

In addition, PC Tech Support also provides businesses with very affordable email continuity services. So in the event your email server fails, or your cloud email provider has an outage, we can ensure you and your staff continue your business operations and maintain communication with your customers.

Internet Continuity

With the rollout of affordable high-speed Internet across Ireland, many businesses are reducing their costs and moving their in-house applications to the cloud. This now makes Internet connectivity a critical component for the continuance of key business operations. As a result, more and more businesses nationwide are placing heavier demands on the ISP infrastructure that supports their Internet connectivity, so reliability and stability become a key requirement. PC Tech Support can help businesses be prepared by putting in place a secondary independent failover Internet line and can configure automatic failover so an Internet line outage is not an outage for their business.

Whether you choose local or offsite backup & continuity options, email or internet continuity, or full-system protection, we will treat each piece of your IT infrastructure and data like it’s our own. We never wait until a disaster or outage happens to think about recovery options: as part of your managed IT services package, our backup and recovery solution comes as standard. Then we work with you to establish a process by which to put in place additional IT continuity options that are important for you to maintain operations.